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Oxford Insurance will be cancelling all of its individual and family plans with the Oxford Metro network as of January 1st, 2017. If you are currently enrolled in Oxford Metro and need assistance in finding the best alternative for YOUR needs 

Call 516-605-2757 For 100% FREE Help Today!

OUR HELP IS 100% Free!!!

Choices outside of Oxford Metro Include:

- New York Obamacare EPO's for New York residents just where you don't need a referral from your Primary Care Doc to see a specialist

- New York Obamacare Plans for New York residents where you can have a lower premium with a deductible but don't have to pay your deductible for Primary Care visits, Speicalist visits, Urgent Care visits, diagnostic testing, preventative care and more.

- New York Obamacare Plans for New York residents with free lab tests

- New York Obamacare Plans for  New York residents that have larger networks and lower premiums than Oxford Metro

- New York Obsmacare Plans for New York residents  that have nearly larger and more comprehensive networks than Oxford Metro

- New York Obamacare Plans for New York residents  that include nearly every hospital in NYC

- New York Obamacare Plans for New York residents that include Stony Brook University Hospital in their network

- New York Obamacare Plans for New York residents that include all of the benefits Health Repubic plans had and more!

As of today July 12, 2016 there are no plans available to individuals and families which Memorial Sloan Kettering accepts.  Unfortunately Oxford Metro was the only network in New York State that had included them in their network.  Please check back soon for any updates to this informaiton.


Our Process Is Simple AND All By Telephone - Call 516-605-2757 For 100% FREE Help Today! - The folks at NY Obamacare will schedule a one hour phone consulation with you.  In that hour we will disucuss the health insurance you have now, what you do for a living and how much you earn, determine if you qualify for tax credits, understand your health and healthcare needs, we will look up the doctors important to you in all of the carriers we reccomend, look up your medicaitons, and finally make a reccomendation of what carrier and plan is best for you. YES we accomplish this all in one hour.  Then it only takes about another 10-15 minutes to enroll you in your new plan.  We strongly advise you to begin your search with us for the right plan today so we don't get caught in the middle of what will be a very busy, and poetntially troublesome enivronment on the exchange.  CALL TODAY 631-875-2993


NY Obamacare is run by the premiere insurance agency dedicated to helping folks understand the facts about Obamacare JayMar Insurance Agency.


Call 516-605-2757 For 100% FREE Help Today!

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